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New Production Company Formed

After successfully working together producing THE NIGHT VISITOR, my lovely fiance, Brianne Davis and I have started our own production company. We're in pre-production on the sequel to THE NIGHT VISITOR, developing SKIPPING TIME and recently optioned drama/thriller script A PLACE APART.

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Watch Short Film DONOR - Directed by Mark Gantt

SNAG FILMS distributes DONOR

Thanks to SNAG FILMS who have partnered with the Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival this year, DONOR will be distributed through SnagFilms! Last year, Alexis Boozer won BEST ACTRESS in the festival for her performance in DONOR.

Check it out: WATCH HERE

Donor - Short Film Directed by Mark Gantt

Donor Website:

Red Carpet Report article on Mark's Photography Exhibit

We Talk with Award-winning Actor/Director, Mark Gantt, at his Beverly Hills Photo Exhibit Opening About Making It Happen

The Red Carpet Report team was on hand for Award-winning Actor/Director Mark Gantt’s gallery opening in Beverly Hills. The photos included work done with Dennis Hopper and tells stories with images captured through the eye of a passionate artist. It also happened to be a night of birthday celebrations for the artist as he was surprised with a cake by his fiancé, actress Brianne Davis.



We asked Mark what inspires him when he looks into the lens and he told us “I think it’s just in my DNA. As a kid I was a daydreamer, a lot of it would be based on something I’d seen and I would create a world or a reality based on that. As I got older, I’ve tried to take those ‘daydreams’ and turn them into stories.  Even when I’m acting, I’m thinking of things in a visual sense.


One of the things we admire about Gantt is his spirit to “make things happen” and not just wait around. On the way to the gallery opening, we saw someone with a cardboard sign saying “I Want to be Famous.” and thought, well at least he is honest. Here’s what Mark shared with us: “My best advise is to just do it and know that it’s going to be incredibly difficult to accomplish. The act itself is not the hard part, it’s the voices in your head that tell you that your no good, that nobody will like it, that others do it better, that you are too old, too inexperienced blah blah blah blah. I think there is a feeling that if I’m doing what is true to my heart that it should be easy and fun, the truth is, that’s when our inner demons strike out most. Being big and being seen can be the most difficult things to confront. So I say, put it out there, make sure you have a trusted few who you can count on for ‘facts’ and leave everyone’s opinion on the curb. Somebody said a brilliant thing to me the other day; “It’s in the best interest for everyone involved for you to stay the same and not change.” Keeps everyone safe and comfortable. Well screw safe!


Mark is always working,  he’s in front of or behind the camera in many different “media” ways. Here’s some of the projects that he’s completed and have upcoming: “We’ve just finished post-production on THE NIGHT VISITOR, a film I produced and act in alongside my fiancé, Brianne Davis who stars in the film.” “We are gearing up to shoot the sequel in February, THE NIGHT VISTOR 2: HEATHER’S STORY starring myself and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (who directed the first one) with Brianne directing her first feature. I’ve got two series that I’ve shot sizzle reels for and will be out pitching; ANNIE TAKES OFF a female driven comedy on a plane and WHOA! a comedy about condo living and the Home Owners Association. I’ve also got two projects I’m directing next year, SEVVEN, a sci-fi/thriller short film written and starring Taryn O’Neill and SKIPPING TIME, a feature under the Blanc-Biehn Productions shingle.

He also added that he’s going to be “shooting the second season of Canadian TV series BLUFF, feature film GET BACK JOE, directed by Patrick Rea (NAILBITER) and the film I completed in September, THE SECOND REIGN OF NIGHT will be with our sales agent at the Berlin Film Festival and Sundance next year.”

Limited Editions Available

There are still a few items left from his gallery opening and are going fast this week. If you’d like to check out his work, visit him at Be sure to connect with him socially on Facebook, Twitter or go to his online photography website to see what’s available to purchase from the gallery opening which includes original work framed, unframed and all in limited editions signed by the artist.

For more info or to purchase, see or LIKE on Facebook at

Mark also does workshops – so if you’re in the entertainment business or want to be or if you need an engaging speaker, be sure to check his website out at or follow on Facebook.

BLUFF - Now avail on ZoweeTV
Watch the first six episodes on ZoweeTV now!

Exclusive Screengrabs from The Second Region of Night

Second Region Of Night 1

Second Region Of Night 2

Second Region Of Night 3

Second Region Of Night 4


Mark lands Lead role in THE SECOND REGION OF NIGHT

Award-winning actor Mark Gantt accepts lead role in new feature film

On Aug. 31, 2013, a Mark Gantt representative contacted saying that Gantt has been selected for the lead role in the feature film "The Second Region of Night." Gantt leaves Monday for the film shoot that begins Sept. 5. He will be on location in Barcelona, Spain!

Gantt, out of Los Angeles, is an award-winning actor, writer and director. He is also a film producer.

This talented actor has many credits under his belt. A few of them are, "The Bannen Way" (2010), "Hidden in the Woods" (2014), "The Night Visitor" (2014), "Dexter," and "Ocean's Eleven" (2001).

"The film's director is Antoni Solé ('You Are A Terrorist' (2013) and 'Alpha' (2013)). This psychological thriller follows Johan Meyers (Mark Gantt), as he translates a 5,000 year old text, only to discover he has brought to life an evil curse!

Loris Curci ('Zone of the Dead' (2009) and 'll:ll:ll' (2011)) is the film's producer. They begin shooting principal photography in Barcelona, Spain on Sept. 5, 2013." - PRLog

More on Mark Gantt's background includes the fact that he is the co-­creator and star of the multiple award-­winning digital series and feature film, "The Bannen Way." The film is on Sony's Crackle which was just renewed for a 2nd season.

"Gantt is currently working on five projects in pre-­post and filming including the sci-fi horror film, by BlancBiehn Productions, 'The Night Visitor.'" - PRLog

In addition, Gantt is in pre-production on the sequel of "The Night Visitor 2" (2014). This film is directed by Brianne Davis, produced by Gantt, and he stars opposite Jennifer Blanc.

Mark Gantt, as seen at IMDb, is also a regular on the Canadian series, "Bluff," and he recently shot "Hidden in the Woods.” The latter is a remake, and he acts opposite William Forsythe and Michael Biehn.

Credit: PRLog

To reach Gantt go to Contact, and to see how he makes "stuff" happen, go to

Enjoy clip of an interview on this talented actor by Also enjoy slideshow of a variety of on and off set photos of Mark Gantt!


Taylor & Dodge to sell Night Visitor
Blanc Biehn Productions has hired Taylor & Dodge to represent international sales on Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut.

The Night Visitor follows a suburban couple who hire a new age spiritualist to help their troubled marriage. When she advises them to record their lives 24/7 to help the family, they discover their son is having conversations with an unseen entity calling itself the Night Visitor.

Brianne Davis stars alongside Tara Buck, Gary Cairns Blanc-Biehn, Mark Gantt, Vedette Lim, newcomer Hudson Pischer and a special appearance by Michael Biehn.

Blanc-Biehn and Biehn most recently collaborated on The Victim and recently filmed the remake of Chilean director Patricio Valladares’ Hidden In The Woods.

Blanc Biehn Production’s attorney Richard Blank negotiated the representation deal with Konney.

Michael directed me in his first feature and I got the opportunity to direct him in mine,” said Blanc-Biehn. “Michael and I as well as our producers Mark Gantt, Brianne Davis and Lony Ruhmann are so excited to have Taylor & Dodge on board. They totally get our vision and are the perfect match to us bringing The Night Visitor to the foreign market.”



Mark to direct feature film SKIPPING TIME

More Details and Directors Announced for Blanc/Biehn Productions' Upcoming Projects

Blanc/Biehn Productions recently announced a multi-picture deal with executive producer Lony Ruhmann (read about that here), and we now have more details, including the directors who will be helming all of their upcoming projects.


From the Press Release:
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Wrong Cops, "Dark Angel," The Victim, Among Friends) will direct her husband, Michael Biehn, along with Evie Louise Tompson (The Call, Hidden in the Woods) in the sci-fi tinged thriller The Girl.

Brianne Davis (Among Friends, Jarhead, Prom Night) will direct The Night Visitor 2: Heather's Story. “We are so excited since she understands the vision, having starred as the lead in The Night Visitor,” exclaims Blanc-Biehn. The story is based on Ruhmann's characters in The Night Visitor (now in post-production) with a screenplay by twin brothers Bradley and Kevin Marcus, who also penned the script for The Night Visitor. In The Night Visitor 2: Heather's Story, the sci-fi horror that plagued the Stevens family and their son, Ricky, in The Night Visitor was only the beginning. The family across the street discovers that their daughter, Heather, is having close encounters of her own kind, which leads to even more frightening revelations.

Actor Richard Gunn ("Dark Angel," "Granite Flats") will make his directorial debut with Night Maire. In the film a female director’s romance with her troubled leading man gets put to the test when they’re stranded in the middle of nowhere and stumble upon a seemingly innocent girl’s bed-and-breakfast and must deal with a supernatural secret beyond their wildest nightmares.

Barbara Stepansky (Final Recourse, Fugue, Hurt) will direct both Calls from Dead People and The Night Visitor 3. Stepansky’s work has been shortlisted for the Academy Awards, garnered the DGA Diversity Award and the Student Emmy, and won the USA Film Festival Award.

In Calls from Dead People, after the mysterious death of her husband, a woman receives a strange phone message from him from the beyond. She dives into solving his murder, thereby discovering a secret life he led outside of their marriage and putting herself in mortal danger.

In The Night Visitor 3, the "Phoenix Lights" sighting in the night sky over Phoenix, Arizona, transforms the life of a teenage girl, who starts to receive messages from extraterrestrial beings that give her hope to escape her abusive home environment. But will she really find a new existence, or is it just a hoax by a potential killer?

Patrick Rea (Nailbiter) will direct Get Back Joe. In the not-so distant future, a new technology allows its users to travel back in time using astral projection. Joe McCormick must attempt to travel to specific dates that have been blocked by the government in order to save his family.

Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way, Oceans Eleven, The Night Visitor) will direct Skipping Time. A man wakes up one day to discover he's three years in the future with no memory of past events, only to find out that his wife and son have just been killed. The next morning he awakes one day earlier with only 12 hours to save their lives.

Lastly, The Night Visitor 4 should film in the spring of 2015 with more details to be announced soon.

"Lony was so moved by the collaboration with us on his story The Night Visitor," says Blanc-Biehn, "he came up with more unique stories and is funding the deal into 2015. We couldn’t be more pleased by this awesome partnership."

The business model of Blanc/Biehn Productions and Ruhmann focuses on blending together the horror and sci-fi genres with the creative empowerment of directors, writers, cast, and crew. Their goal is to provide an opportunity for filmmakers and creative talent alike… people who have a strong vision and stand strong. "Making supernatural films that have a backbone in reality is our intent," says Ruhmann.

and join the conversation on Twitter with @jenniferblancb, @michaelbiehn, and @blancbiehnfilms.


The Night Visitor 2 & 3 Announced

Mark Gantt to Produce and Star in THE NIGHT VISITOR 2: Heather's Story

Actress/producer/director Jennifer Blanc-Biehn has signed a multi-picture deal with executive producer Lony Ruhmann that includes two sequels to her directorial debut, The Night Visitor, and another spooky sounding project titled Calls from Dead People with an eye toward developing all three films in 2014.

The Night Visitor is a found footage style mix of sci-fi and horror, and currently its follow-ups are known as The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story directed by Brianne Davis and The Night Visitor 3.

“Lony was so moved collaborating with us on his story The Night Visitor,” says Blanc-Biehn, “he came up with more stories and is funding this deal into next year. We couldn’t be more pleased. Michael [Biehn] loved what the team was doing with The Night Visitor so much he added this to the Blanc/Biehn roster, which sparked Lony to offer the multi-picture deal and future collaborations.”

The business model of Blanc/Biehn Productions focuses on science fiction, horror, and the empowerment of women, giving them key positions in the production. “Making horror films that have a backbone in reality,” says Ruhmann.

and join the conversation on Twitter with @jenniferblancb, @michaelbiehn, and @blancbiehnfilms.

When a suburban couple hires a new age spiritualist to help with their troubled marriage, her advice to video their lives 24/7 to help reunite the family turns out to reveal their son is having conversations with an unseen entity, calling itself the Night Visitor. Beware of those that come at night.

The cast is led by Brianne Davis (Prom Night, Among Friends, Jarhead), Vedette Lim (Halo 4, “True Blood”), Gary Cairns (Hero Wanted, “Justified”), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (“Dark Angel”, Wrong Cops, The Victim), Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way, Ocean’s 11), and Tara Buck (“True Blood”, “Justified”, Tomorrow You’re Gone)


FUNDED!! The Night Visitor - Kickstarter Campaign over 100%

PROMOTE HORROR: The Night Visitor fast track to completion.


Jennifer Blanc-Bien’s directorial debut The Night Visitor, successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete post production and exceeded their goal with just over $17,000 raised through the popular crowd-funding site.

The 30-day campaign offered unique perks including swag from Michael Biehn’s personal collection and  autographed photos from cast and crew including True Blood’s Tara Buck, Vedette Lim, and Brianne Davis, who recently shot an episode for season six of the HBO series.

An amazing outpouring of support resulted in over 157 backers and 80+ articles in the Sci Fi and Horror genres supporting Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut.
Blanc-Biehn sent a video update from Cannes where she was closing deals for the current slate of Blanc Biehn Productions’ that include The Night Visitor, Treachery, The Victim and secured sales agent WTF and financier Hackybox Pictures for their upcoming english remake, Hidden In The Woods, which begins shooting July in Texas. website also participated toward the end of the campaign offering two special rewards courtesy of Michael Biehn, exclusively for fans of the website, who pledged to the Kickstarter campaign.
The Night Visitor is produced by Mark Gantt, Executive Produced by Lony Ruhmann with Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Brianne Davis, who also stars in the film alongside Gary Cairns.
To stay up to date with the progress of The Night Visitor please visit as well as and Twitter/NightVisitorMov .


The Night Visitor - Kickstarter Campaign Launched

We have officially launched our Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the post-production and completion of The Night Visitor. Timing is everything they say. Well what the ‘timing’ was telling us was this; we had an investor with a great story, a small budget to shoot the feature in six days, an awesome location and actors and a director who had a window of time to do this in. So we did it, we went for it. We took the risk to shoot the feature, knowing we’d have to raise the funds to complete it.

The decision to do so was risky but the trade off was huge, we had creative freedom to make the movie we wanted to make and a better chance to get paid when we distribute the film. But in order to that, we need to complete post-production, finish and deliver it to sales agents and distributors.

We’ve got a committed and talented team already working on editing, coloring, doing visual effects and cutting a teaser trailer for the film. We’re confident that the finished product will be above and beyond our expectations and excited to have created something with so much love and passion.

This is where you come in – we need your support. If you can’t support financially, spreading the word via your friends and family would be much appreciated.

Thank you from all of us on Team Night Visitor!

Campaign Ends May 29th

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign

Season 2 of THE BANNEN WAY

Crackle Announces New Series, Feature-Length Movies And More Jerry Seinfeld

Crackle announced eight new original programs today during its NewFronts upfront presentation in New York as well as the return of the Jerry Seinfeld series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, one of three series on the free digital network to get a second season. The Sony-owned Crackle’s first foray into feature-length movies will kick off with the martial arts pic Extraction starring Danny Glover coming in September and a sequel to Joe Dirt starring David Spade. Here are the full descriptions of the original programming:

Action/Comedy/Thriller Series, 6 Half-Hour Episodes
The second season to the 2010 Streamy-winning slick, sexy, action-packed series continues the adventures of Neal Bannen, a charming con-man with a police chief for a father, a mob boss for an uncle, and a weakness for beautiful women, who wants to turn his life around and leave the criminal lifestyle forever. Can he resist an opportunity to get back in to his Uncle’s “business”?


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Producing/Acting in Brianne Davis' second fetaure film PSYCHOPHONIA starring Vedette Lim


Acting in PROJECT X - a play at Beverly Hills Playhouse

Project X Front postcard


Shooting pick up shots for SECOND REIGN OF NIGHT


Shooting CADILLAC Commercial
Shooting Pilot Presentation S.M.A.C.K. Unit



Shooting Top-Of-Show Guest-star on TNT's MAJOR CRIMES

MAY 26
Shooting begins on LIFELINE opposite Kathleen Gati(General Hospital)


Producing/Acting in THE NIGHT VISITOR 2: HEATHER'S STORY starring Mark Gantt, Jennifer Blanc, Caitlin Carmichael, Brianne Davis, Gary Cairns, Hudson Pischer and Chip Coffey. The film will be directed by Brianne Davis.

The Night Visitor 2


THE NIGHT VISITOR screens as part of the ANOTHER HOLE IN THE HEAD FESTIVAL in San Francisco.

another hole in the head

Shooting Los Angeles portion of THE SECOND REIGN OF NIGHT
Mark Gantt Google Plus
Mark begins shooting lead role in THE SECOND REIGN OF NIGHT, written and directed by Antoni Sole. Shooting in Barcelona, Spain.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 20.57.20

AUGUST 16-18
Check out Mark at the HOT AS HELL WEB SERIES FAN FEST in Palm Springs



Begin shooting HIDDEN IN THE WOODS in Houston, Texas opposite William Forsythe.



On panel for SAG-AFTRA's Liferaft with Yuri Baravovsky, Ian Moffit, Helena Santos and Zadi Diaz

Moderating panel at Digital Hollywood CONTENT SUMMIT.



Shooting Pilot D-TEC, a series for new second screen technology Samsung.


Begin shooting THE NIGHT VISITOR. Produced by Mark Gantt, Directed by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and starring Brianne Davis, Gary Cairns, Tara Buck, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Mark Gantt.


Booked new feature film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS. They are shooting the English Language version with Michael Biehn.


Mark begins teaching acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Mark began studying with Milton Katselas in 1999.

Beverly Hills Playhouse

Final day of shooting on WHOA! with Taryn Southern, Linda Blair and Leslie Jordan.


First season of new digital series THE INN launches. Created by Steve Silvmeran and stars Crystal Chappell and myself. I come towards the end of this season.

Shooting great film with Joe Penna again. Very excited about this project!

JANUARY 19 - 20
Shooting pilot presentation for new digital series WHOA! Created by Scott Richter, starring Linda Blair and myself!

Shooting scenes from new feature film FINDING CALI

Finding Cali

DONOR selected as part of the Unofficial GOOGLE+ Film Festival
Alexis Boozer wins Best Overall Actress

Begin shooting new digital series THE INN opposite Crystal Chappell (Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, Venice the series)
Created by Steven Silverman (Pretty The Series)



New series MERIDIAN premiers on FOURTH WALL Studio's RIDESTV and on MYSTERY GUITAR MAN'S YouTube channel - November 20th.

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 11.30.59 AM

First Glance Film Festival - Philadelphia


Speaking at the 2nd Annual


Shooting new TV Series BLUFF in Calgary, Alberta created by Jewelle Colwell

Bluff_Mark Gantt 1

Shooting new series MERIDIAN by Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan) with Orlando Jones. Yeah I'm playing that douchy office manager.


Producing new online series
Created and Executive Produced by Sybil Temtchine & Steve Peros
Directed by Perry Andelin Blake
Executive Produced by Mark Gantt
Starring: Sybil Temtchine, Dennis Dugan, Frank Coraci, Eric Avari, Gwendolyn Yeo, Mark Gantt, Brianne Davis and Michael Lerner

ATO cover 8-15-2


Completed shooting Pilot Presentation THE PROGRAM that I produced and starred in.
Created by Matt Lutz, Directed by Dylan Mulick
With Robert Forster, Kate Siegel and Brett Fliesher

The Program

APRIL 28-29
Shooting project with web funny man Jon Lajoie and Roddy Piper (one of the nicest guys I've met) - Check Roddy Piper and Jon Lajoie's site.

Mark Gantt_FCIH

Attending AMONG FRIENDS screening at Universal City


Shannen Doherty honored for Best Individual Performance from the 2012 Webby Awards in the SUITE 7 episode "Company" that Mark directed. Episode was written by Yuri Baranovsky and stars Shannen and Wilson Cleveland.

DONOR - directed by Mark Gantt WINS "Best of the Fest" Award at INDIE CINEMA SERIES FESTIVAL


Short film I directed DONOR screens at BEVERLY HILLS SHORTS FEST

SECRET PROJECT REVEALED - I'm shooting HUNGER GAMES fan film STAR SQUAD playing Dr. Aurelius.

StarSquadFanFilm-DrAurelius_Mark Gantt

Shooting a few episodes of new digital series.

Oishi Battle Mark Gantt


Youtube Channel

Check out the latest videos and clips from my projects and my favorite videos.

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