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Odin's Eye picks up two thrillers

EXCLUSIVE: Sales agent takes worldwide rights on Lemon Tree Passage and 2nd Reign of Night.


Sales agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment (OEE) has acquired worldwide sales rights to two supernatural thrillers made on different sides of the planet: Lemon Tree Passage from Australia, and 2nd Reign of Night from Spain.

Writer/director Antoni Sole’s directorial debut was filmed in Barcelona in English. Sole will get a producing credit too alongside Loris Curci, who has recently also been busy on the US thriller Hidden In The Woods.

2nd Reign of Night tells of an eminent anthropologist, played by Mark Gantt (Hidden In The Woods, The Night Visitor) who, by translating an ancient text, unwittingly resurrects an Egyptian god that plunges the world into eternal darkness. The film is still in post-production and OEE will be screening a promo at EFM.

The writer/director of Lemon Tree Passage is David Campbell and the producer is Jeremy Ervine. The pair sold the advertising agency they jointly owned in order to go into film production.

The privately-financed thriller is inspired by a media report about a stretch of road that locals say is haunted by the ghost of a motorcyclist who died in an accident. In the script a group of teenagers come to deeply regret their decision to test if the ghost exists.

OEE head Michael Favelle sold Middle East & North African rights to Shooting Stars on the eve of EFM and is due to screen the film for the first time there on Feb 8.

“I’ve noticed there seems to be a rise in entrepreneurial and younger Australian filmmakers setting out to make internationally commercial films that usually would not sit within conventional government funding scenarios,” Favelle told Screendaily.

“These tend to be films that perform better overseas than they do at home. That said, we do expect Lemon Tree Passage to perform at a theatrical level here in Australia.”


ALIEN BEE NEWS: The Night Visitor (Review)

THE NIGHT VISITOR is the directorial debut from actress Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and stars Brianne DavisGary Cairns, Jennifer Blanc, Mark GanttVedette Lim, and Tara Buck with a special appearance by Michael Biehn.

The movie follows a young suburban couple who are having problems with their marriage so they hire this new age spiritualist to help with their troubles. She tells them to video their lives 24/7 to help reunite the family. As they begin to do this they discover that their son is having strange conversations with an unseen entity, calling itself The Night Visitor.

As the movie plays along and we watch the couple film everything that’s going on, we see hints of strange things happening all around them. The movie has a solid story that stays confined inside this home as we watch what happens to this family, thanks to their new camera!

This strange occurrence begins with their son and we slowly watch them get sucked into what ever is going on here. We watch the couple begin to successfully work on their relationship while things around them begins to get weird, including them. These strange events that began with their son slowly spreads throughout the home and to whoever is in there! Each character ends up getting a dose of what ever it is that’s happening here and it all seems to be coming from the kid’s laptop. At first I thought there might be aliens messing around with the family and then maybe it’s more paranormal or possibly a mixture of both with a little bit of Government corruption add to the mix, I’m not sure!

The Night Visitor doesn’t rely on any big FX or over-the-top CGI, instead it uses old school tricks of the trade and gimmicks like flickering lights that pay off so well on screen. The camera captures some nice shots of shadows and some eerie, up close “face in the camera” scenes that reminded me of some of today’s biggest paranormal thrillers and the whole “found footage” thing. Since the camera plays sort of a character all its own and actually tells the story, we get this corrupted video style that shows up from time to time besides all the other stuff I just shared, oh and then there’s this laptop that plays a “little” part. All of these really helped to tell the story and what’s going on here, even though we’re left kind of scratching our heads at the end, or at least I was. I will say this, even though questions aren’t answered, we get something pretty cool at the end that fans will enjoy, a nice short cameo from Michael Biehn and a hint at some sort of Government cover up, maybe? It’s all in the eyes!

Bottom line is, the fact that The Night Visitor is Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s first time behind the camera, she totally hits it out of the park! The movie does have its flaws though, the main two being that the movie is way too short clocking in at just 73 minutes and since it’s a slow burn style of movie, there’s no huge payoff at the end.  The story is good and all of  the acting is great, along with the character development. Without ruining the movie, there is a little tease or hint at the end that simply adds to the mystery behind The Night Visitor. Maybe that’s what they were going for here and if that’s the case then it’s a nice setup for whatever is to come!  The Night Visitor is like Paranormal Activity meets Goosebumps!



New Production Company Formed

After successfully working together producing THE NIGHT VISITOR, my lovely fiance, Brianne Davis and I have started our own production company. We're in pre-production on the sequel to THE NIGHT VISITOR, developing SKIPPING TIME and recently optioned drama/thriller script A PLACE APART.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.10.58 PM

Check out the site

Watch Short Film DONOR - Directed by Mark Gantt

SNAG FILMS distributes DONOR

Thanks to SNAG FILMS who have partnered with the Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival this year, DONOR will be distributed through SnagFilms! Last year, Alexis Boozer won BEST ACTRESS in the festival for her performance in DONOR.

Check it out: WATCH HERE

Donor - Short Film Directed by Mark Gantt

Donor Website:

Red Carpet Report article on Mark's Photography Exhibit

We Talk with Award-winning Actor/Director, Mark Gantt, at his Beverly Hills Photo Exhibit Opening About Making It Happen

The Red Carpet Report team was on hand for Award-winning Actor/Director Mark Gantt’s gallery opening in Beverly Hills. The photos included work done with Dennis Hopper and tells stories with images captured through the eye of a passionate artist. It also happened to be a night of birthday celebrations for the artist as he was surprised with a cake by his fiancé, actress Brianne Davis.



We asked Mark what inspires him when he looks into the lens and he told us “I think it’s just in my DNA. As a kid I was a daydreamer, a lot of it would be based on something I’d seen and I would create a world or a reality based on that. As I got older, I’ve tried to take those ‘daydreams’ and turn them into stories.  Even when I’m acting, I’m thinking of things in a visual sense.


One of the things we admire about Gantt is his spirit to “make things happen” and not just wait around. On the way to the gallery opening, we saw someone with a cardboard sign saying “I Want to be Famous.” and thought, well at least he is honest. Here’s what Mark shared with us: “My best advise is to just do it and know that it’s going to be incredibly difficult to accomplish. The act itself is not the hard part, it’s the voices in your head that tell you that your no good, that nobody will like it, that others do it better, that you are too old, too inexperienced blah blah blah blah. I think there is a feeling that if I’m doing what is true to my heart that it should be easy and fun, the truth is, that’s when our inner demons strike out most. Being big and being seen can be the most difficult things to confront. So I say, put it out there, make sure you have a trusted few who you can count on for ‘facts’ and leave everyone’s opinion on the curb. Somebody said a brilliant thing to me the other day; “It’s in the best interest for everyone involved for you to stay the same and not change.” Keeps everyone safe and comfortable. Well screw safe!


Mark is always working,  he’s in front of or behind the camera in many different “media” ways. Here’s some of the projects that he’s completed and have upcoming: “We’ve just finished post-production on THE NIGHT VISITOR, a film I produced and act in alongside my fiancé, Brianne Davis who stars in the film.” “We are gearing up to shoot the sequel in February, THE NIGHT VISTOR 2: HEATHER’S STORY starring myself and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (who directed the first one) with Brianne directing her first feature. I’ve got two series that I’ve shot sizzle reels for and will be out pitching; ANNIE TAKES OFF a female driven comedy on a plane and WHOA! a comedy about condo living and the Home Owners Association. I’ve also got two projects I’m directing next year, SEVVEN, a sci-fi/thriller short film written and starring Taryn O’Neill and SKIPPING TIME, a feature under the Blanc-Biehn Productions shingle.

He also added that he’s going to be “shooting the second season of Canadian TV series BLUFF, feature film GET BACK JOE, directed by Patrick Rea (NAILBITER) and the film I completed in September, THE SECOND REIGN OF NIGHT will be with our sales agent at the Berlin Film Festival and Sundance next year.”

Limited Editions Available

There are still a few items left from his gallery opening and are going fast this week. If you’d like to check out his work, visit him at Be sure to connect with him socially on Facebook, Twitter or go to his online photography website to see what’s available to purchase from the gallery opening which includes original work framed, unframed and all in limited editions signed by the artist.

For more info or to purchase, see or LIKE on Facebook at

Mark also does workshops – so if you’re in the entertainment business or want to be or if you need an engaging speaker, be sure to check his website out at or follow on Facebook.

Exclusive Screengrabs from The Second Region of Night

Second Region Of Night 1

Second Region Of Night 2

Second Region Of Night 3

Second Region Of Night 4


Mark lands Lead role in THE SECOND REGION OF NIGHT

Award-winning actor Mark Gantt accepts lead role in new feature film

On Aug. 31, 2013, a Mark Gantt representative contacted saying that Gantt has been selected for the lead role in the feature film "The Second Region of Night." Gantt leaves Monday for the film shoot that begins Sept. 5. He will be on location in Barcelona, Spain!

Gantt, out of Los Angeles, is an award-winning actor, writer and director. He is also a film producer.

This talented actor has many credits under his belt. A few of them are, "The Bannen Way" (2010), "Hidden in the Woods" (2014), "The Night Visitor" (2014), "Dexter," and "Ocean's Eleven" (2001).

"The film's director is Antoni Solé ('You Are A Terrorist' (2013) and 'Alpha' (2013)). This psychological thriller follows Johan Meyers (Mark Gantt), as he translates a 5,000 year old text, only to discover he has brought to life an evil curse!

Loris Curci ('Zone of the Dead' (2009) and 'll:ll:ll' (2011)) is the film's producer. They begin shooting principal photography in Barcelona, Spain on Sept. 5, 2013." - PRLog

More on Mark Gantt's background includes the fact that he is the co-­creator and star of the multiple award-­winning digital series and feature film, "The Bannen Way." The film is on Sony's Crackle which was just renewed for a 2nd season.

"Gantt is currently working on five projects in pre-­post and filming including the sci-fi horror film, by BlancBiehn Productions, 'The Night Visitor.'" - PRLog

In addition, Gantt is in pre-production on the sequel of "The Night Visitor 2" (2014). This film is directed by Brianne Davis, produced by Gantt, and he stars opposite Jennifer Blanc.

Mark Gantt, as seen at IMDb, is also a regular on the Canadian series, "Bluff," and he recently shot "Hidden in the Woods.” The latter is a remake, and he acts opposite William Forsythe and Michael Biehn.

Credit: PRLog

To reach Gantt go to Contact, and to see how he makes "stuff" happen, go to

Enjoy clip of an interview on this talented actor by Also enjoy slideshow of a variety of on and off set photos of Mark Gantt!


Taylor & Dodge to sell Night Visitor
Blanc Biehn Productions has hired Taylor & Dodge to represent international sales on Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut.

The Night Visitor follows a suburban couple who hire a new age spiritualist to help their troubled marriage. When she advises them to record their lives 24/7 to help the family, they discover their son is having conversations with an unseen entity calling itself the Night Visitor.

Brianne Davis stars alongside Tara Buck, Gary Cairns Blanc-Biehn, Mark Gantt, Vedette Lim, newcomer Hudson Pischer and a special appearance by Michael Biehn.

Blanc-Biehn and Biehn most recently collaborated on The Victim and recently filmed the remake of Chilean director Patricio Valladares’ Hidden In The Woods.

Blanc Biehn Production’s attorney Richard Blank negotiated the representation deal with Konney.

Michael directed me in his first feature and I got the opportunity to direct him in mine,” said Blanc-Biehn. “Michael and I as well as our producers Mark Gantt, Brianne Davis and Lony Ruhmann are so excited to have Taylor & Dodge on board. They totally get our vision and are the perfect match to us bringing The Night Visitor to the foreign market.”



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