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Sunday, 24 October 2010 18:28

I guess it's usually misquoted, people usually say, "If you build it, they will come." But in Field Of Dreams, Kevin Costner's character hears "If you build it, HE will come." I guess, in a way, it actually works the way it was said originally. I'm realizing that I am a BRAND, a BUSINESS. I'm no longer just an actor with a 'B' job. I think as artists, it's hard to think of us as a business and well, to even think with a business mind. I just overheard a make-up artist on set say she'd never worked in an office. She said that the joke with her fellow Emory classmates is they're not good at math. "That's why I date Jewish men so they can figure out the tip." But what I heard was, that she's an artist, she doesn't do the 'business thing' it's not her strength. I also saw a tweet from Felicia Day today, mentioning digging up W-9's and getting credit reports and that the business stuff takes longer than the creative at times. I'm rambling a bit, there's a lot of stuff rolling around in my head lately.

One of my teachers, Richard Lawson talks about the misconception of an actor and as a character. He'd take two tapes (before digitally recording critiques at The Beverly Hills Playhouse) and hold them up. He'd say, "This is you as the actor, this is you as the character. They look identical, but they are different. You have to learn to let that character go. You created it, put it out there and now it's done." I took that literally and said, well my 'acting career' is that over there, disconnected from me, Mark, the person.

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Selected Clips from The Bannen Way

NATPE | Content First - Video


I guess the days are over when you just walk into pitches and say things like, “It’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets The Godfather.”



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Podcast From America


Welcome to the Christmas episode of PODCAST FROM AMERICA, with my special guest Mark Gantt, a talented actor/writer/producer/director, who I was lucky enough to speak to at the beginning of October. You can listen to the show via iTunes by clicking this link.

I’ve been following Mark’s career with interest since I met him on the set of Sony’s The Bannen Way, just over a year ago. He and his Bannen co-creator, Jesse Warren, were on day 18 of a 19-day shoot at the Lacy Street Studios in east LA, filming their ground-breaking high-production value web series, about a gangster who wants to go straight.

I blogged at the time that ‘Hollywood’s future was in Bannen’s hands‘, and after the series scored more than 14 million hits, and went on to be sold as a feature on DVD, I think they ably demonstrated that well-produced, original web shows can have clout. Their model is very new, but proves that there is another viable way that talented actors, producers and directors, who might otherwise not get the chance, can showcase their talents.

Mark’s now an authority on making shows on the web, and runs a kick-ass course on the subject – find out more at

He also has a host of projects coming up, including the episode of Suite 7 that he directed, starring Eddie McClintock and Jaime Murray, which is out now.


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