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Mark Gantt: Actor | Writer | Producer | The Bannen Way Web Series | Create Your Own Career | Workshop
BuzzEdition - Tired Of Hearing No?
Interview: Mark Gantt – How To Create Your Own Career
by: BuzzEdition


Tired of hearing no? There are other ways… When your career hits a speed bump, and opportunities seem non-existant, there are two paths you can take: the easy way or “The Bannen Way.”  No longer are we limited by the opportunities people present to us. Current technology allows anyone to be an actor, producer, director or writer. The secret is to never settle for less that your dreams desire.

A quick check of Mark Gantt’s website or his IMDB page reveals he had a career, just not the one he had mapped out for himself.  “I had my foot in the door and people were at the party saying ‘Hey come on in,’ but I was like ‘no, I gotta be an actor.’” He seemed to be gaining ground on a career path many would cherish, but even after appearing in a Sundance Short, and knowing the industry pros, his own agent still had no faith Mark would actually be getting auditions. Luckily Mark doesn’t acknowledge the word no.

Fast Company Article

Six Independent Spirits Making Their Hollywood Debut Via the Web
By: Stephanie Schomer
September 1, 2010

Felicia Day blazed the trail. Here are six more creators using Web video to forge their way in Hollywood.

The Bannen Way
- The sexy drama about a charismatic crook trying to straighten out his life won four Streamys (the Oscars of Web video) this year, including best actor in a drama series for lead (and cocreator) Mark Gantt. Season one attracted 13.8 million views, and season two is in development.
RedBox Pick of the week - Bannen Way

Locke's Redbox Picks Of The Week
by Locke Peterseim | Jul 31st, 2010 | 6:31PM | Filed under: DVD Reviews, Movies, Weekly redbox Picks

Picture 44

Recommended Smaller, Overlooked or Underrated Movies from the redbox Kiosks

The Bannen Way–About as polar opposite a crime flick from Jesse Stone as you could concoct, The Brannen Way was originally a made-for-the-Internet webisode series–a major-studio synergy experiment to see what happens when you put a little cash and flash into a web series. What happens (as collected here seamlessly into a full-length film) is a pretty by-the-numbers Tarantino/Smoking Aces/Guy Ritchie/Oceans 11 mash-up, but that’s not all bad. It’s directed and co-written by Jesse Warren, and series co-writer Mark Gantt stars as Neal Bannen, your usual roguish, hard-luck thief in cool suits, but Gantt’s a likable stretch of sleazy, Christian-Slater charisma.

Tubefilter - Bannen Way DVD Release

‘The Bannen Way’ DVD Hits Shelves Today










by Marc Hustvedt on July 20th, 2010
By now, if you follow even passively the world of web series, you know well who Mark Gantt and Jesse Warren are. They were the two aspiring creators that defied the odds, making just a trailer to pitch their action drama—The Bannen Way—to anyone who would fund it, ultimately landing a deal with Sony Pictures Television for release on its online network Crackle. To be sure, it was one heck of a slick looking trailer, and there’s something to be said about having Neal Bannen (Gantt) himself making the pitch.

Calgary Herald - BANFF

Wide open for web shows
Online series breaking ground, but still struggling
Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

Saturday, July 03, 2010

At the Banff World Television Festival this year, an army of digitally savvy, forward-looking producers was on hand as part of the nextMedia, which ran simultaneously. But when it came to webisodes and digital media in general, the buzz word at Banff Springs was "monetize." Yes, there's advantages to producing shows directly for the web. They're cheaper and more flexible, plot lines can turn on a dime and creative control is easier to maintain. But how do you pay for it? How does it make money?


Detroit News - Web TV

More viewers turn to Web to watch TV shows when they want, for free
Mekeisha Madden Toby / Detroit News Television Writer
July 3, 2010

Long gone are the days when the family gathered around the box for appointment TV.

While shows like "American Idol" still bind us culturally -- Mom can watch it live on TV, Dad can catch the digital video recorder (DVR) version and Junior can download it days later online -- the desire to go to the Web for programming is driving a cultural shift.

The mouse will never replace the remote control as everyone's favorite clicker, but Web-based entertainment has improved and expanded so greatly that some people have begun canceling their cable subscriptions to watch original and recast programming online.

American Cinematique Panel

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Producing Web Entertainment
June 16, 2010


On Monday, June 21st at 7:30 PM, filmmakers, actors and others will have an opportunity to learn from professionals involved in creating web entertainment at a panel discussion focused on how to produce for the web, how to get your work seen, how to market your web series and best practices for interacting with with the major sites that stream web series and more.

Tubefilter - How To Build Buzz

How to Build Buzz For a Web Series

by Mathieas McNaughton on June 14th, 2010


Very few web series attract any pre-launch attention, those that do begin with a distinct advantage, an audience that is already aware of its existence. One of the biggest challenges a new series faces, is the ever increasingly daunting task of cutting through the clutter of online video. Furthermore, not only do web series need to compete with other shows, vloggers, and keyboard playing kids and kittens, they are also in competition with social media sites, other websites, games, and occasionally, real life. The competition for viewer attention has never been greater. Simply releasing a series and hoping that it will find an audience is not an option. Therefore, in order to be competitive, in order to build an audience, a series needs to begin generating buzz even before the show launches.

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